Living Thanks

Gratitude may be one of the most important qualities we can develop in this life, yet many Christians do not seriously focus on growing in this area. This book looks at why and how we can increase thankfulness – to not just occasionally give thanks, but to live our thanks with the gratitude that God desires to see in our lives.

Ruth: A story of strength, loyalty and kindness

Many people who read the book of Ruth think of it as a simple love story, but in reality it is far from simple, and it is not really a “love story” in the modern sense of “romantic love” either! Instead, Ruth is a story of deep courage, strength, loyalty, determination, and kindness with an underlying message that reaches from the ancient world to our lives today.

Sanctification in the Everyday

This book looks at both the theology and practice of sanctification – the truth that after our sins are forgiven (justification), we must then continue, through the Spirit of God working in us, in the process of being made or becoming holy (sanctification). Both a theological exposition and a practical guide to help the Christian turn from sin and “walk in newness of life.”

Seven letters: Lessons from the General Epistles

The General Epistles are of immense importance to Christianity and to you personally. ​This e-book looks at specific lessons we can learn from them and may significantly increase your understanding of these treasures of the New Testament.

Some Days We Soar

A practical collection of short essays on different aspects of being encouraged and encouraging others through life’s difficulties, challenges, and opportunities. One of our most popular books, Some Days We Soar might change your view of life!

Spotlight on The Psalms

Psalms is the Old Testament book quoted most in the New Testament and read most frequently today. This e-book uses archaeological and cultural background information to enrich a practical commentary that can help you both to better understand the psalms and to better apply their messages in your own life.

Survey of The Old Testament: Vol 2. The Promised Land to the Promised One

Based on the successful Cornerstone course, this two volume e-book presents an in-depth but readable survey of the Old Testament

The Bible in Five Verses

An introduction to Christianity, this book is designed for personal study or missionary use. It explains thirty-six “core” Christian beliefs and principles of living in a straightforward, easy to understand manner, with introductory text and five key verses for each topic. The book can be used to review key scriptures, for sermon and Bible Study preparation, or for inspiration.

The City on a Hill

This revised and expanded edition of The City on a Hill is a practical but carefully researched commentary on all the parables of Jesus. Use it as a study guide or reference, to prepare lessons or sermons, or simply read it to better understand the parables!

The marks of a spiritual leader

Every Christian is called to become a leader in some way, and this helpful book looks at two aspects of