A Holy Ambition

This collection of missions-oriented sermons by John Piper challenges the reader to consider and cultivate a holy ambition to preach Christ where he is not yet known. The messages look at various aspects of the Great Commission: its underlying theology and our responsibility in fulfilling it.

Alive to Wonder

A selection of writings on the man sometimes called the most influential Christian of the twentieth century. As the author of Mere Christianity and many other books on the Christian faith, Lewis continues to have a remarkable effect – and inspiration – on Christianity today. John Piper’s book examines the life, work and influence of Lewis in a readable and enjoyable way.

Disability and the Sovereign Goodness of God

A collection of related sermons by John Piper, this book looks at both the causes and the purposes of disability. It examines questions such as “Why do I or a loved one have a disability?” and “Why have I or someone I love not been healed of a disability?” The book finds convincing answers in the Scriptures and provides inspiring guidance in living with disabilities.

Don’t Follow Your Heart

This helpful book examines the truth that “God’s ways are not our ways” and the spiritual problems that come from

Exposing The Dark Work of Abortion

Three sermons by John Piper exposing abortion for the tragic evil that it is. The chapters are based on specific biblical scriptures and look at different aspects of how abortion hurts those who practice it as well as its innocent victims. A small appendix summarizes fifteen pro-life truths that we should all remember.

How To Forgive

Whenever the need to forgive comes up, or to prepare you for when it does, this e-book is designed to help you. How to Forgive looks at forgiveness from a practical perspective, showing what the Bible actually teaches about this vitally important subject and how we can best apply the guidance it gives us.

Inside the four gospels

The four Gospels lie at the very heart of Christianity, recording most of what we know about the person of Jesus Christ, his fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, his message, and his true identity. Yet many Christians do not know exactly how the Gospels differ and what their unique lessons are. This book can greatly increase your understanding of their message. ​

Killjoys – The Seven Deadly Sins

This multiple-author volume consists of positively written essays on each of the “seven deadly sins.” Each essay looks at one of the infamous character flaws we all must strive to avoid and gives helpful advice on understanding and overcoming that particular problem. The sins covered are Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust.

Lessons from Old Testament Leaders

The Bible is a book about leaders. More than 95 percent of its stories are about individuals who were leaders

Lessons from the Life of Jesus

Rather than simply retelling the story of the life of Jesus, this book focuses on some of the details of the Gospel narratives that are easy to miss, but which can help us to better understand his life and teachings. In each case there are lessons we can learn and apply. Enrich your understanding of the life and work of Jesus and take away insights you can utilize today.