Discovering the Bible

Discovering the Bible gives a brief introduction to each book of the Bible: who wrote it, why it was written, and what it says. Summary verses and verses to think about are also included. This guide will help you discover, or explore more fully, the individual books that make up the “book of books” – the Bible.

Inside the four gospels

The four Gospels lie at the very heart of Christianity, recording most of what we know about the person of Jesus Christ, his fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, his message, and his true identity. Yet many Christians do not know exactly how the Gospels differ and what their unique lessons are. This book can greatly increase your understanding of their message. ​

Lessons in Christian Living from The Early Church

This book looks at lessons we can learn and apply from the beginnings of the Christian Church as recorded in the New Testament Book of Acts. It can be used as a practical commentary, a devotional or study aid, to prepare lessons or sermons, or simply enjoyed as a profitable Christian read!

Ruth: A story of strength, loyalty and kindness

Many people who read the book of Ruth think of it as a simple love story, but in reality it is far from simple, and it is not really a “love story” in the modern sense of “romantic love” either! Instead, Ruth is a story of deep courage, strength, loyalty, determination, and kindness with an underlying message that reaches from the ancient world to our lives today.

Seven letters: Lessons from the General Epistles

The General Epistles are of immense importance to Christianity and to you personally. ​This e-book looks at specific lessons we can learn from them and may significantly increase your understanding of these treasures of the New Testament.


The book of Proverbs remains a key way in which God gives us wisdom – to the degree we study

Spotlight on The Psalms

Psalms is the Old Testament book quoted most in the New Testament and read most frequently today. This e-book uses archaeological and cultural background information to enrich a practical commentary that can help you both to better understand the psalms and to better apply their messages in your own life.

Survey of The Old Testament: Vol 2. The Promised Land to the Promised One

Based on the successful Cornerstone course, this two volume e-book presents an in-depth but readable survey of the Old Testament

SURVEY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT: Vol. 1. Creation to Covenant

Based on the successful Cornerstone Course, this two volume e-book presents an in-depth but readable survey of the Old Testament