The Bible Unpacked: Comprehensive Edition

The Bible’s teaching compiled for established believers

The Bible Unpacked: Concise Edition

Key Bible teachings for new believers

The Bible Unpacked: Foundation Edition

This is the mid-range edition (between new believer and advanced reader levels) of the Bible Unpacked series. The book brings together scriptures on key Christian concepts in a systematic but readable way. The Foundations edition can be used to learn or review important scriptures as well as for personal study of the topics covered.

The Bible Unpacked: In-Depth Edition

The Bible’s teaching expounded for Bible students For a deep understanding of the faith.
Useful for speakers preparing talks, leaders of Bible study groups, Bible students and Bible colleges.

The Bible Unpacked: Intermediate Edition

The Bible’s teaching summarised for growing believers

The Bible Unpacked: Pocket Edition

Key Bible teachings for seekers of truth