Discovering the Bible

Discovering the Bible gives a brief introduction to each book of the Bible: who wrote it, why it was written, and what it says. Summary verses and verses to think about are also included. This guide will help you discover, or explore more fully, the individual books that make up the “book of books” – the Bible.

Scriptures in Question

This book gives multiple examples of seven basic principles that can be easily learned and applied to explain supposed contradictions in the Bible. Scriptures in Question is an important tool for answering your own questions and those others might ask you regarding apparent biblical inconsistencies.

Understanding the Bible

The Bible is sometimes called “the most-read and least-understood of all books,” and most Christians admit that it does contain many verses that seem confusing or difficult. This new e-book addresses that situation by working through the three steps necessary to better understand almost any Bible verse or to enrich your knowledge of the Scriptures. Whether you are a relatively new Christian or an experienced student of the word of God, this book is sure to increase your comprehension of the Bible.