MannaBooks is now on iOS Devices.

July 15, 2020

It has been an ever so long journey for MannaBooks since its conception and initial Android release to its current state. We are forever grateful that we can use this platform to help reach Christians across the globe and help them through life with the word of God as a guiding torch.

But, since its initial release, we have been frequently asked numerous variations of one important question: “What of iOS?” This question was coming from readers and publishers alike across various platforms, ranging from email messages to Twitter tweets. It didn’t take long to realize that we had another huge task to overcome, the development of MannaBooks on the iOS mobile device platform. Unfortunately, this task was quite a harrowing one as we have been stretched quite thin trying to deliver and improve the MananaBooks platform overall, but, by the grace of the Lord Most High, I can confidently declare today that we have accomplished this mighty goal.

It is with great joy that I announce the successful release of the iOS version of the MannaBooks app. Months of effort have finally proven to be fruitful as this new release is truly a stellar one. Packed with all the features of the Android app perfectly integrated into iOS devices, such as free and easy book publishing for writers, broad large and diverse categories of Christian books for readers, fluid and easily understandable interface layout, etc., we believe that this new version of our beloved software will help us in spreading the love and word of God through the writings of His inspired ministers here on earth.

The iOS version can be viewed on and downloaded from the Apple Store via the following links:

Thank you all for reading and your continual support. May Our Lord Jesus Christ keep you in His loving heart for all your days. Amen

Patrick Ikwu